About lawfare project


On the website you can find all the information about the legal confrontation with the Russian Federation, the persons conducting it and filing interstate applications against Russia, which were filed by the Ukrainian side, as well as a detailed description of the victories and plans. We will show a real picture of what is happening on the legal front of the struggle against the Russian Federation.

Everyone has been accustomed to the fact that hybrid warfare is not only and not so much about open hostilities, but about the economy, propaganda, bribery, intimidation and zombieing.

At the same time, one of the key areas of confrontation is the legal one. The legal front is inconspicuous, but extremely important. Its key feature is that there is no noticeable disproportion in weight with the enemy. It is not subject to force-sharing agreements. Where there are no weapons, there is international law, sanctions and a tribunal. In the West, "legal war" received a special term - lawfare. And on this front, Ukraine (state bodies and state-owned enterprises) is fighting quite well.

We are moving from the sometimes chaotic hit-skip tactics to a well-thought-out, comprehensive and coordinated legal defense of our rights and interests, and for this purpose we have involved leading foreign legal advisers who help to develop a strategy for legal confrontation.